We are actively looking for romance, historical fiction, and science fiction!

So, you’ve finished your manuscript! That’s awesome; congratulations! Before you submit, please do the following:

  1. Determine if we are the best fit. We are small, y’all. Like, really small. There are five of us on staff. Now, that has pros and cons. If you are looking for individual attention, we are for you! If you want to be involved in the publishing process, same. However, if you are looking for a guaranteed spot in your local big chain bookstore, funded publicity tours and whatnot, we just can’t provide that. If your book is homophobic, masogynistic, racist, or features rape, we won’t publish it. We do publish non-fiction, but we are mostly fiction, so keep that in mind. Also, Line By Lion is owned by a woman. Some people have a problem with that. If that’s you, keep looking (perhaps inwardly). But, what I can promise is that the finished product will be marketable and beautiful, and no one will work harder for you than we will. If you’ve decided that we would be a good fit the next step is to-
  2. Manage your expectations. You MIGHT become a bestseller. You MIGHT become a thousandaire. You likely aren’t going to appear on Good Morning, America. You are not likely going to retire off of your royalties. If that’s what you want, I’d suggest that you keep looking.
  3. So, you’ve managed your expectations, you like us (you really like us! Is that too old for most people to get the reference? Maybe.) Please make sure that your manuscript is finished. I can’t take *most* of a manuscript. Those last ten pages can take YEARS. Make sure that you’ve read through it at least once; ideally, you’d have had some beta readers give their opinions and address them. Is it your best work? Not THE BEST THING EVER, but your best? Then, remember all that formatting you did, the headers and footers and everything to make it look sexy? Take it out. I want naked manuscripts. Once you’ve done all that, please send it to I can’t wait to see what you wrote!