The Wylden

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The wylden are attacking Sunnybrook and it’s up to Erilyn to find out why. Wintery weeks have passed since Morrigan’s control was broken. The children are safe and Erilyn and Finn have had time to heal and grow close, but as the snow melts, they can no longer stay hidden in their cabin away from the rest of the world. Erilyn, Lucy, and Aiyanna must travel through the dark woods to track the wylden and find answers. Finn and the children are left behind, but an uncovered secret and a dangerous alliance takes them on a journey of their own. Morrigan is in the wind and set on revenge. Taking vitium to grow strong, nothing can keep her from tracking Erilyn down. The dark woods are alive with danger. What will Erilyn and the others find on the other side?"The Wylden" is the sequel to the bestselling novel "The Upworld." Masterfully spun by author and educator Lindsey S. Frantz, this book provide hours of escape.

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